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Smart Faucets and Lighting Trends

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The Design Team at Beeson Decorative provides information about Smart Faucets and Lighting Trends:  Hannah Bolinger and Jessica Quison-Kress.

New Smart Faucets

Rohl FaucetRohl - Armstrong Faucet with touchless technology

As individuals become more health conscientious, a lot of customers are asking for the touch free faucets/smart faucets. We have one in the showroom that has a side button you hit with your finger/wrist to turn on and there’s a band of light around the button that shows you how hot/cold the water will be based on the color shown. Some of our manufacturers are in the process of perfecting their smart faucets to activate when your hand is waved below, so we are expecting those for maybe 2021.

Rohl has a new faucet! It is the Armstrong faucet that is available in the touchless technology. We are seeing a lot more Satin Brass with different tones coming out. Honey Bronze, Champagne Bronze, and this English Bronze are hot trends. There is a sensor on the side opposite of the lever to turn the water on that when you wave your hand near it, the water turns on without ever having to turn the lever on. They designed this faucet in a way with aesthetic in mind because it can be used without the lever sticking out to the side.

Trends in Lighting

Another huge trend coming into 2021 will be a mixture of textured elements and geometric lighting throughout the kitchen and bath. You’ll be seeing more retro lighting fixtures being used. Shiny or high gloss is out with the exception of the finish of appliances. Texture and boldness is what’s hot with compliments of different colored satin or brushed metals.

Beeson Decorative - Kitchen Lighting
Photo:  https://decoholic.org/creative-interior-design-with-attention-to-detail/#more-50358

When it comes to lighting, the more energy efficient high-tech reflective LED lighting is offered in many different styles and sizes depending on the space and how the consumer wants to express the nature of the home. It’s about accenting the space to create a relaxing and calm atmosphere. LED’s are offered in warm white, neutral white, cool white, yellow, red, green, blue and Ultra Violet. Styles now include: puck lights, flexible strip lighting, dimmable undercabinet fixtures and light bars. LED’s supply instant light with no warmup period.

Beeson Decorative - Bathroom Lighting

Large bold fixtures (sculptural, matte black) over an island or in a living room is considered the neutral in interior design.

Beeson Decorative - Kith White & Black Kitchen

Baths are now including soft accent lighting behind bathroom mirrors. Star lighting (twinkling lights) in the ceiling over a free-standing tub adds a beautiful finishing touch. Toe kick lighting and lit shower niches are what we’re seeing more and more.

Beeson Decorative - Star LightingBeeson Decorative - Shower Lighting

Photo:  https://www.pinterest.com/pin/760826930781046246/?nic_v2=1a66uFO0I

Beeson Decorative - Jessica Quison-Kress and Hannah Bolinger




Hannah Bolinger and Jessica Quison-Kress