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High Point Market - Bernhardt Furniture - Solaria Collection

Bernhardt Furniture Introduces the Solaria Collection

The Bernhardt Solaria Collection is one of beauty and simplicity. Clean lines showcase minimalism with layers of texture with a tonal palette of washed natural hues. The refreshing, uncluttered look brings a sense of peace and serenity to every room in your home from the dining room to the bedroom. Geometrics and smooth surfaces combine with textured shearling for warmth and softness.

The modern and light collection bring casual and modern together to form an elevated aesthetic for relaxed comfort with on-trend finishes and materials. The dining room table features an oak table top with a plaster base that resembles an upside goblet, set off by beautiful swivel chairs. In the living room, the oval cocktail table highlights a floating flyover accent table that can be moved by the sofa for your laptop or a glass of wine.

In the evening, relax in the double-paneled faux shearling bed with nightstands that “nest” on either side for a comforting, “cocoon” feeling.