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Featured Amenity of the Week - Pickleball Court at Lennox Woods

Lennox Woods - Having a Local Pickleball Court

Lennox Woods is an established luxury home neighborhood with European country architecture graced by heavily wooded surroundings. A limited number of large lots are available for custom construction as well as a few move-in-ready homes through Karen Bolyard Real Estate Group.

This neighborhood has a wonderful amenity package that includes a beautiful clubhouse and pool. There are also lighted courts for tennis, pickleball and basketball.

Pickleball has become very popular in recent years. Pickleball expert Rick Dodson explains the advantages of having pickleball courts within the community.

“Convenience is the number one thing. It’s nice to have a court that you can go to that’s private and has lights,” says Dodson. “Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in America. It’s very easy to get into the sport. The cost of entry is low. All you need to do is have a paddle and some plastic balls. It appeals to both younger and older people. The court is much small than a tennis court. It’s about a quarter of the size, so it’s easier on the body… It’s really nice with how the sport has grown to have something right in your backyard that is lit to practice on and fine-tune your skills.”

From the pool to the pickleball court, residents of Lennox Woods will feel like they are always on vacation.