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City:  Winston-Salem, NC
Founded:  1766
Counties Located In:  Forsyth County
Zip Codes:  27023, 27102, 27103, 27104, 27105, 27106, 27107, 27108, 27109, 27110, 27113, 27114, 27115, 27116, 27117, 27120, 27130, 27127, 27150, 27152, 27155, 27157, 27198, 27199, 27284
Area Codes:  336, 743
Square Miles:  133.7
Elevation:  970’
Population:  242,203 (2016)
Density:  1,700/sq. mile

Winston-Salem, North Carolina, predates the American Revolution, dating back to 1753 when Moravian missionaries arrived to convert the American Indians. In 1766, the settlement was named Salem, meaning Peace. In the 19th century a thriving commercial center called Winston flourished in the area adjoining Salem. In 1919, both towns merged to become Winston-Salem.

Today Winston-Salem is a tourist mecca as well as a center for the arts. The restored village of Old Salem is Williamsburg-in-miniature. Residents and visitors alike crowd the cobbled streets at Easter and Christmas. Reynolda, the former estate of the founder of R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, is open to the public as an arts center. Reynolda Village is an Old World community of unique shops and restaurants on the estate. Tanglewood, another Reynolds estate, is now open to the public for swimming, horseback riding, camping, and arts events.

The first Arts Council in the country was established in Winston-Salem which is the home of the North Carolina School of the Arts. Four other colleges and universities and a technical institute are additional secondary education campuses.

Winston-Salem’s downtown, is bustling with industry and the arts. Major industry in downtown Winston-Salem has blended with the arts to help the center city remain vibrant. Today Winston-Salem has grown to be part of a thriving metropolitan area called the Triad, encompassing High Point and Winston-Salem, and with more than a million people.

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