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Sportscenter Athletic Club

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The Sportscenter Athletic Club is a fitness facility comparable to none.

Keep Workouts Fresh!
Corrina gives us a Sneak Peek at one of the weight training areas in perhaps the Triad's best fitness facility. Use the weight training machines or free weights to boost your fitness level. Enjoy the variety of different workout rooms to keep your workouts interesting and fresh.


Year Round Swimming!
Hannah takes a look at the indoor pool which provides year-round swimming. In addition to lanes for lap swimming, the pool also has an area for PT and water aerobics. There's even a large hot tub for relaxing after a swim. The adjacent locker rooms each have a steam shower and sauna.


Walk or Run Indoors!
Corrina takes a Sneak Peek at the indoor running track at Sportscenter Athletic Club. This track is perfect for walking or running with room to stop to stretch. Overlooking the basketball court and adjacent to a cardio area, this track with large outdoor windows provides plenty of interest to keep your workouts fresh.


New Pickleball Courts!
Sportscenter has recently added pickleball courts, which will soon be in full swing as spring arrives. The sport is explodig in popularity and has enthusiastic players at all fitness levels.


Play Racquetball!
The indoor racquetball courts at the Sportscenter will make people at all fitness levels feel like a pro. Sportscenter has an avid racquetball community and holds an annual racquetball tournament. Each court can be viewed from two levels through a soaring wall of glass.

Sportscenter Athletic Club