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Building a New Custom Home

There has never been a more exciting time to contract for a custom-built home in the Triad than right now. Custom builders in the Triad are crafting some of the most exciting and interesting homes imaginable. There are many ways to approach custom construction of a new home. If you are not interested in developing a design from scratch or if your timeline doesn’t allow for developing a design there are always a number of custom homes under construction by the area’s best builders. They build these homes, referred to as “spec homes”, for just that person who wants a jump on the process and can acquire a home that is either completed and ready to move in or in some stage of completion. One advantage to finding a “spec home” before it's completed is that, depending on its stage of completion, you can alter the floorplan to your specific needs. With a spec home you’ll still get all the wonderful touches you’d get if you built from a plan you developed, but you can avoid the long lead time and bypass the design stage if that is not what interests you.

Otey Construction - Eagle Ridge
This beautiful home by Otey Construction was recently completed in Eagle Ridge in Greensboro.

On the other hand, for those that want to design the home of their dreams most custom builders can help guide you through the process. It’s a very personal experience and you’ll want to interview builders to make sure you find one that you’re in sync with and with whom you think you’ll work well together.

There is a complete list of the best custom-home builders on pages 10-12 of this issue of Triad New Home Guide. This list includes contact information for builders who are actively building custom homes in the Triad and who are also members of their local Homebuilders Association. This is a great place to begin your search.


If you choose to build from your design, you’ll also need to find a lot on which to build your dream home. Many builders own a few prime lots in various neighborhoods so finding a lot may be easier than you think, if you know what type neighborhood will appeal to you. A new feature on TriadNewHomeGuides.com allows you to perform a map search for available building lots across the Triad.

Map of Custom Home Lots

Until now, there has been no source in the Triad which maps all lots for sale in the area. Since Triad New Home Guide was launched in 1986, we have listed and mapped every new home community in the Triad. We have expanded this resource to include listing and mapping of every available building lot in the Triad. This service is now active on TriadNewHomeGuide.com. As we move through 2018 you’ll find the list of lots growing and becoming more complete. Check it out at TriadNewHomeGuide.com and check back often as new lots are being added to our list almost daily.

Our lot-search tool is a user-friendly Google Map interface which is just like using the standard product. This portal provides any consumer interested in building a custom home with the necessary information to find the lot which fulfills their preference of location, size, and aesthetic. Most importantly, we provide the contact information of the seller and other information with the listing. And the service is free.

Our primary goal is to provide a trove of information for anyone interested in the area’s new homes.

But what happens when one of these lots changes hands? There are quite a few possibilities:
1. A consumer can purchase a lot and then bring the builder on board to construct a new home on it.
2. A lot can be purchased from a builder on condition that he or she be the one to build the home.
3. A builder can sell a lot to another builder who will then build a home on it.
4. Or a consumer can buy a lot and do nothing with it for the time being.

Since the Triad is a growing and increasingly prosperous area, a vacant lot can be a very sound investment.