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New Homes - Beyond Compare

Triad New Home Guide - Winter 2016

There simply is nothing quite like “New”.

When someone says, “They don’t build houses like they used to,” it’s a fact, so be thankful. Today’s new homes are light-filled and low maintenance with livable floor plans, and stronger, more efficient construction.

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First of all, they are safer. Fire protection and other safety measures make new homes a safer choice for concerned families. Also electrical power systems in new homes are sized for the heavier electrical demands of today’s families.

New homes are healthier than older homes. As the health risks in certain building products have became evident through the years, the building industry has responded with products and systems that eliminate health hazards such as asbestos and lead.

New homes are stronger. Extra bracing and framing anchors help today’s homes to withstand high winds, storms and even earthquakes.

New homes require less maintenance. With siding, windows and trim that never need painting, it’s much easier to maintain the new home’s fresh, attractive appearance.

New homes consume half the energy required in homes built before 1980. More efficient heating and cooling systems, better windows, improved insulation and controlled air filtration offer new-home owners reduced energy costs, greater comfort and convenience throughout the year.

New floorplans feature convenience and livability, regardless of whether the home is modest or grand.

Innovative, strategically planned windows allow more natural light which make new homes look and feel more open. Functional, state-of-the-art kitchens offer a wide variety of attractive, durable cabinet finishes and countertop materials.

A new home, your largest investment, can also be your smartest. Warranties on structure and new appliances, combined with lower operating and maintenance costs, provide savings and peace of mind. And, as new homeowners add landscaping and their personal decorative touches, there is added charm and value to all the homes in a new community.