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4 Tips to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

In the current hot seller’s housing market, the exterior of a home is just as critical as the interior. A home’s outward appearance is a major factor in whether potential buyers will want to tour the interior. Here are some easy updates to give your home’s exterior a fast and easy makeover.

1. Upgrade Outdoor Lighting
Updated light fixtures can change the way the front of a house looks but also adds the benefit of safety when using brighter bulbs. Consider upgrading the size - most outdoor lighting fixtures are smaller than they should be.

2. Upgrade Windows and Doors
Updated windows and doors not only improve the overall look of your home, but also offers the extra benefit of being energy-efficient. Consider adding window boxes, shutters, or painting the trim for an added pop of color.

3. Paint
Paint is the greatest “quick fix” in the home improvement world. Consider making a statement with new modern colors instead of conventional white, beige, and yellow, which can often look dated. Remember John Mellencamp’s song about “little pink houses?”

4. Hire a Professional Landscaper
Sometimes you need to ditch the DIY approach and hire a professional. Such is the case with landscaping. A professional landscaper can create a lawn that resembles a golf course. They can also design landscapes with water features, elaborate flowerbeds, build retaining walls and more.

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