Westing Trace

Rural Hall  |  Lots for $40,000's

2001 Carteret Drive, Rural Hall, NC 27045

Westing Trace in Rural Hall, NC, has lots available for your new custom home. Choose your lot, bring your own builder or contact us for a list of local independent builders. There is no time restriction on building once you purchase your lot.
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Lot Availability:

This community is currently designated a “Lot Community”, which means all the lots may be purchased by anyone, individual buyers and/or builders. The individual buyers of lots may choose any builder they desire to use and may build on their lot at any time they choose or even sell the lot, unless it is otherwise stated in the recorded covenants or contract for the purchase of the lot. The developer designates the type of community. The developer reserves the right to re-classify a community at any time without notice. (A real estate commission is paid by the lot seller on the sale price of the lot only.)






CITY: Rural Hall, NC  27045
COUNTY: Forsyth
HOME STYLE: Single Family Home

Price Remarks:  Pricing of the homes in this neighborhood is established by the individual builders. Homes prices may be above or below the indicated price range depending upon, but not limited to, market conditions, the cost of the lot, the builder's pricing, the selected plan and specifications, and cost of materials and labor.


These Lots are For Sale for $40,000's:

002   1941 Tobaccoville Road *
003   2001 Carteret Drive *
004   2011 Carteret Drive *
012   8901 Westing Court *
All information is subject to change without notice. * Call for Price:  336-723-0303