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Triad New Home Guide - Spring 2023

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Smith Marketing, Inc. - Real Estate Rock StarsCenter Front (left to right):  Jason Smith, Betty Smith, Jeff Smith
Smith Marketing Building Team (left to right):  Dwight Stone - D. Stone Builders, Inc., Cosmo Muti - Garman Homes, Casey Johnson - CJ Builders, Casey Combs - Combs Custom Homes, Rebecca Wright - Garman Homes, Amanda Stafford - Stafford Homes of the Triad, Inc., Bradley Dezern - RS Dezern Construction, Inc., Guillermo Toledo - Toledo Homes, Tonya Gilbert - Smith Marketing, Celene Garcia - Toledo Homes, Dana Deaton - Crosspointe Homes, Brad Deaton - Crosspointe Homes, Kris Stack - RE3 Builders, David Stone - D. Stone Builders, Inc., Darby Rock - RE3 Builders, Rich Dumas - R&K Custom Homes, Karen Tejeda - Tejmar Homes, Ray Bullins - Ray Bullins Construction, Gustavo Martinez - Tejmar Homes, Brian Disney - Brian Disney Homes, Inc., Kevin Lansink - Lansink Custom Homes, Mark Disney - Disney Construction, Scott Allred - Precept Construction, Jesse Naylor - Naylor Custom Homes

Smith Marketing Inc. is located in Summerfield, North Carolina, with a satellite office at Grandover Resort where Betty is also President of Grandover Realty.

It looks like a movie scene. Open fields, lush green space, and a fenced pasture with Thoroughbred horses running free. A beautiful, stone house sits quietly overseeing the peaceful landscape. The structure is more than a house – it is the headquarters and business of the mega-successful, Smith Marketing, Inc. (SMI).

SMI is a business that is first and foremost a family. Betty Smith, founder, is joined in the business by her sons, Jason (founder) and Jeff, forming a trio of real estate marketing expertise that is virtually unrivaled in the Triad region.

Smith Marketing - Grounds & Office

Consumers Benefit

What’s in for homeowners? Everything. For savvy consumers who expect the best – SMI delivers. For consumers looking to build a custom home there is no other company that delivers the service, attention to detail, time and quality that the SMI team is known for in the Triad. SMI has partnerships with builders and developers that directly benefit homeowners. Consumers can work with their preferred builders to make their custom home a dream home.

Niche Marketing

The full-service real estate company specializes in new construction, which is their passion. Becoming a one-stop real estate operation happened over time – originally Smith Marketing only worked with sellers. "What makes us unique is that we specialize in new construction, and that we market custom home neighborhoods, and to the general population for resales," said Jeff.

While best known for their new construction expertise, Smith Marketing is a full-service agency. Jeff explained, "We handle general brokerage, too – essentially all aspects of residential real estate. We are one of the first companies in the region to do real estate marketing." Having real estate brokers who handle existing home sales as well as new construction is another distinction of Smith Marketing.

He continued, "It is our experience and knowledge that also sets us apart. We like to work, and we go where the work is – in the field, in the office and every event we can."

It takes a village to run SMI. The Smith’s have a dedicated team who give 100 percent each day – 30 agents in total including support staff. Nicole Dauler, Sales and Closing Coordinator, has acted as Betty’s right hand for 35 years. Mike Wyrick is SMI’s Listing Coordinator.

The Smith Marketing website is a critical marketing tool according to Betty. "Our website gets a high volume of consumer traffic researching builders and neighborhoods. We want them to have all the information they need to make an informed decision about one of the largest purchases most people make."

Smith Marketing - Jeff, Betty, Jason

Partnerships and Collaborations

Developers. Betty got her taste for working with developers early in her career when she worked for a developer in Tacoma, Washington, selling large tracts of land (5,000 acres and up). The knowledge and experience would propel her career. A few years later Betty worked on the Lake Jeanette development project (1,500 homes), which was so successful that it was credited with re-shaping Greensboro. Betty was called "Mrs. Lake Jeanette."

Jason shares Betty’s love for new construction. "With new construction you see something spring from nothing – raw land to the finished neighborhood."

The Smith’s expertise starts from the ground up with lot development. They advise their developer partners regarding lot and home prices. There are many moving pieces to the beginning stages," said Jason. "We offer guidance in many areas such as product, price range, builder partners as well as assist in areas such as HOA, architectural guidelines, HOA covenants and more. We are also very active in searching out land opportunities for our developer clients."

Builders. We see our partnerships with builders and developers as a long-term relationship. "We understand the mind-set of builders as well as developers," said Jeff. Smith Marketing looks for the best builders. "Builders look at the big picture but we are the detail folks – we look at each room to make sure necessities that homeowners want are included."

"Our builder/developer partners call us first when they have land or new construction opportunities" added Jason. "Once land opportunities are identified, Smith Marketing puts together builder teams that work for that each individual neighborhood. Every team is different with four to eight builders on a team. We along with our developer clients select each builder individually based on who and what builders we think are the best fits for the individual neighborhoods. We partner with many of the areas top home builders which offer a wide range of price points and products."

The company’s builder program involves working with developers on site planning, site selection and builder recruitment. "Builders like that we have a plan - we spend a lot of time making sure we advise them the best we can, said Jason."

All SMI builders have their own niche. "Developers trust that we put together productive and successful builder teams," said Jason. "We work very hard to treat all of our clients to the best of our ability. It is really about building relationships."

The Allen Tate Advantage. Real estate agents who work for Smith Marketing are trained by Allen Tate Realtors with new home certification classes offered once a year. Agents also have the advantage of working Open Houses (staffed only by Allen Tate agents), which is an opportunity that new agents do not normally have and is critical for generating leads. "Most agents do not have the exposure to new home construction which is also what sets us apart," said Jeff. The concept works and the Smith’s report low employee turnover.

"Training is also geared around onsite sales which sets us apart, "said Jason. "We take agents through every process – how to look at homesites, how to demonstrate the homes, essentially everything they need to know."

Smith Marketing also participates in events like the Parade of Homes as a way to build brand consistency and exposure. "Events like the Parade of Homes is not an instant payoff but comes over time," said Jason.

The Allen Tate Perspective. We have a lot of mutual respect for each other," said Tony Jarrett, Regional Vice President, Allen Tate Realtors, of the 13-year partnership between Allen Tate and Smith Marketing. "They set the bar very high in our industry," said Jarrett. Smith Marketing is the highest ranked team in the history of Allen Tate (in business since 1957) with $1.2 billion in career-closed volume (2022).

The new construction training Smith Marketing leads for Allen Tate Triad agents teach the different processes involved for selling new construction versus resale as well as how to guide clients and their purchase expectations. "Buying a new home is a much different experience from buying an existing home, continued Jarrett. "With a new home purchase, consumers receive the latest, greatest design features, amenities, warranties, and builder incentives, while a resale purchase, buyers need to be aware of potential renovation and repair costs."

"They have marketed and sold some of the largest and most significant developments in the county like Lake Jeanette, which was the largest land development at that time. Smith Marketing is truly a legend in our industry."

Smith Marketing - Horses

The Work Continues

The Smith’s work when they are needed, sometimes 7 days a week. "I am always looking for the next piece of land, the next neighborhood and how to serve the developers that we have," said Jeff. "The process is constantly changing and where we find the land will change in the future."

New neighborhoods are on the horizon and Smith Marketing is going strong with several neighborhoods coming soon. "The local market here is different from the national market and we are still doing well," Jeff added. Recent examples are the house that sold for $950,000 with multiple offers. Another home had 19 showings in 2 days and sold for $55,000 over asking price.

"At the same time lot counts in the Triad market are dropping year over year. It is crucial that we find land to develop," said Jason.

Betty Smith, who is a grandmother of eight, summed up the company she founded and her life with a smile. "Most of my friends have retired, and have part-time jobs that they hate," said Betty. "I am healthy and feel good. I plan to keep working and doing what I love as long as I can."

SMI Defining Moments

  • 1975 - Betty Smith got her first real estate license – (sold lake lots on Lake Waccamaw for cash, with a swimsuit allowance and a boat) she remembers it because it was Valentine’s Day
  • Early 80s – First large Greensboro community for Adams Farm
  • 1994 – Betty Smith joins Cornwallis Development to help develop Lake Jeanette – She calls it about the best thing that ever happened to her
  • 1999 – Smith continues to move up and is now the President of Lake Jeanette Development / Realty
  • 2001 - Betty and Jason Smith start Smith Marketing
  • 2009 - Teamed up with Allen Tate Realtor
  • 2011 – Jeff Smith comes on board to join Jason and Betty as principals


Smith Marketing Partners

Dwight Stone, President of D. Stone Builders – "I have worked with SMI for more than 30 years. They are knowledgeable about the market and responsive to our needs. It has been a pleasure working with one of the top real estate firms in the Triad."

Mark Disney, Vice President, Disney Construction Co. – "Their knowledge and experience of the local market is unmatched in this industry. They are committed to building relationships with builders and developers."

Rick Dumas, President of R & K Custom Homes – "It has been a great experience for more than 20 years working with SMI, and I love working with Betty, Jeff and Jason. They have their ‘ducks in a row’ and make our job easier."

Cosmo Muti, Triad Market Leader, Garman Homes - "Their wonderful knowledge and personal care for partners and customers is exceptional. They have a true love for what they do and we are very grateful to work with them."

Scott Allred, Owner, Precept Construction – "We were one of the first builders to work with SMI. The fact that I have been with them since 2001 in an onsite neighborhood for that long speaks for itself."