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Triad New Home Guide - Summer 2019

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Finding the Right Builder and the Perfect New Home

Building a custom home and finding that “perfect” neighborhood can be a challenging task. Not only is it the largest purchase many will ever make, it’s also important that you end up with a home you truly love.

Good communication with your builder is key. Being “in sync” is important.  You not only want a builder that listens and responds to your ideas, but one that you trust enough to accept their guidance to keep your project on track and within budget. Designing and building a custom home works best when builder and client personalities “mesh”.

Then, there’s the question of “where will we want to build?” How do you know if you’ll find the best neighborhood? Where will the kids go to school? What lifestyle will the neighborhood offer? Is it close to parks and recreation? Are grocery stores and restaurants within a reasonable distance?

Fortunately, in the Greater Greensboro/Guilford County area, you can turn to Betty, Jeff, or Jason Smith and their team of professionals. They are the principals that lead the team of Smith Marketing and are uniquely qualified to take the guesswork out of finding that “perfect” builder and locating the “perfect” lot.

Smith Marketing - Jeff, Betty, Jason Smith
Jason, Betty, and Jeff Smith (L to r) lead the Smith Marketing team.

Smith Marketing established itself as a leader in the Greensboro new home community with Greensboro’s premier lifestyle community, Lake Jeanette, in the early 2000’s. Of the nearly two dozen builders they represent today, they know each well. They know the personalities of these builders, their strengths, and are highly experienced at matching them to the unique personalities of each client. Their deep knowledge of the new home building process, and their builders, comes from decades of working with clients and builders and knowing how to match personalities of both.

The Smith Marketing team is 29 strong, and each agent and support person is selected carefully. The vision of the team is clear—help each and every customer find or build the home of their dreams in their desired location and make the entire process enjoyable.

“This should be one of the greatest adventures and most enjoyable endeavors a person undertakes in life”,  according to Jason Smith.

Smith Marketing - Team
The team consists of 29 professionals with the singular vision of creating a great experience for the new home buyer.

Finding the perfect neighborhood

Twenty of the top north and northwest area neighborhoods (home prices ranging from $250,000 to well over $1 million), designed and developed by some of the areas most experienced and respected developers, are represented by Smith Marketing. North and Northwest Greensboro/Guilford County are highly desirable and sought-after places to live and new home neighborhoods with large lots are not easy to find. That's why these neighborhoods are special; location is key.

Neighborhoods designed with attractive layouts that take full advantage of the rural beauty along with proximity to services, shopping and dining, and recreation are important factors in delivering the lifestyle you seek.

Smith Marketing - Office Building
Smith Marketing has recently relocated and settled into new offices located in the heart of the area's most popular new home communities.

What is a custom home?

Most people may think of a custom home as a home  built from a plan they helped create. While that definition is accurate, there are other ways to achieve the custom home of your dreams.

The builders that Smith Marketing work with are experienced in providing just what today’s client is looking for in a new home. They are “in touch” with the latest design trends, the newest product developments and building techniques. Few clients looking to build a new home will have access to the breadth of industry knowledge that these builders bring to the process.

For that reason, some custom builders anticipate what buyers want in their next new home and build these homes, before finding the client, on some of the most desirable lots in the Smith Marketing neighborhoods. These are called “custom spec” homes and most of the neighborhoods Smith Marketing represent may have one or two homes nearing completion at any given time. What that means for you is that the custom home of your dreams may have just been completed and is waiting for you to find it.

The process of selecting a builder for a custom home or finding and buying that perfect custom spec should be, as Jeff Smith says, “one of the most enjoyable adventures of your life.” But for that adventure to be successful and enjoyable, it’s important to begin the process by making the correct connections … and that all begins at Smith Marketing.

Smith Marketing - Pool
The new homes represented by Smith Marketing are built by some of the area’s best builders that add not only their experience to the equation, but also knowledge of the latest trends in design and materials.